Vuzela Limited is a professional services company with expertise in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Project management, Human Capital Management and Customer Service Management.

At Vuzela, we believe that the competitive edge for industry players lies in an inside-out approach to customer focus, improved capacity to deliver on strategic projects, a competitive human resource strategy and a distinct ability to consistently deliver on the promise of quality.

We are a customer-focused organization that understands the individualized needs of all of our clients; from those with a few staff and simple operations to those with thousands of employees and complex operations. Our strategic approach is to form partnerships with our clients aimed at improving business efficiency and risk reduction. We strive to be our client’s advocates in quality assurance, excellent service delivery, operational excellence and human capital strategy and development.

To achieve this, we offer a range of integrated solutions that are both company-specific and sector- specific, leveraging on our diversified competencies in Quality Management Systems, Project Management, Human Capital Management and Customer Service Management. Vuzela principals and directors have  a combined industry experience of over forty years across various industries including but not limited to Public sector, management consulting, educational services, telecoms, financial services, manufacturing, engineering, medical services,  oil and gas and hospitality sectors of the economy. These diversified experiences give us a thorough grip on the dynamics of the various sectors in which we work.

Our practice is guided by time tested values exemplified by a firm commitment to our clients’ best interest, unimpeachable corporate integrity and a culture of continual improvement which ensures a strict adherence to global best practice. We apply well researched methodologies, tools and techniques aimed at transforming our clients’ processes, systems and people and employ strategies that impact their bottom-lines positively and guarantee their customers’ position as the focal point of their businesses.