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ISO Management System Consultancy and Training Services

Vuzela Limited is a Management Consulting firm with multi-sectorial experience in guiding companies to various ISO Management system certifications.

We offer Thought-to-Finish consultancy services to help organizations achieve ISO management systems certifications to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 22000:2018, and also support organizations with obsolete certifications in their migration to current versions of the relevant standards.

Vuzela Limited is also accredited by Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to provide Management Systems Training and Consultancy Services having met SON’s very rigorous accreditation requirements. We are a training service provider for Implementation, Auditor and Lead Auditor courses in ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 22000:2018.

In addition, we provide a wide range of training services on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 22000:2018 Standards, ranging from Management System Staff Awareness Training, Management Briefing, Auditor Training and Certification, Auditor Conversion Training and Certification, Implementation Training amongst others.

Our experience cuts across the Oil and Gas, Banking, Maritime, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Public Sectors of the economy, in which we have led several organizations to system certification. We have earned a reputation for top-of-the-industry performance in helping clients cultivate a culture of quality and operational excellence, while achieving certification projects in the shortest possible durations. We are able to achieve this by leveraging on our multi-sectorial experience, our deep professional insight, industry awareness, and thorough understanding of how the ISO certification process works.

Human Capital Management Services

Our conviction is that the most critical success factor for successful companies is their “people”.

People Strategy Advisory

Our approach to human capital management is hinged on management of competencies, employees’ motivation and empowerment, effective performance management systems and robust succession planning. Beyond the selection process, we guide our clients through the formulation of human resource strategy and policies, policy documentation, learning and development planning and implementation, contract negotiation and immigration solutions for clients’ expatriate staff. We also help our clients develop and implement changes in organizational culture and with the design of role-specific performance management systems. We also help our clients keep abreast with what competitors are doing to attract and retain the best talents in the industries they play in, thus enabling them to retain their competitive edge

Recruitment and Executive Search Services

Vuzela Limited provides recruitment and executive search services for its clients, helping them locate top-level candidates for senior, executive, or other highly specialized positions may not be immediately identifiable in the market.

High-end executive search and finding the right persons for key strategic positions is not a tea party, but our talent acquisition team comes in handy. With years of experience in executive search and placements, we can find those dream candidates wherever they may be.  We have developed a niche in expatriate recruitment and management, and utilize a contingent-based business model that helps us work seamlessly across multiple sectors and functions, while retaining the capacity to delivery far and beyond clients’ expectation.

Outsourcing Services:

We offer outsourcing services for non-core processes form our clients, so that they can focus on their core business. By Outsourcing your noncore processes to Vuzela Limited  and letting us manage your non-core teams, we help you address concerns on privacy and intellectual property, manage your labor costs, reduces your operational risks, manage industrial relations, ensure quality staffing of your operations, ensure people engagement and higher productivity, while ultimately helping you stay focused on your core business.

Other integrated Human Capital Management Services include:

  • Expatriate recruitment, Contract negotiation and immigration advisory
  • Skill audit and skill gap analysis
  • Manpower training and development
  • Performance management systems consulting
  • Compensation and grade structure design
  • Employee integration consulting in post-merger environments – Industry trend and peer research services
  • Employee background check services
  • Development of Employee handbook in line with organizational policies
  • Contract advisory and negotiation services
  • Leadership and Management Training Programs

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering are effective and efficient processes combined to build efficient systems.  We help to stream line your business processes, leveraging on Six sigma, Operational Excellence and total quality management and other lean approaches in proffering integrated process solutions.  We manage the assembly of processes into systems and ensure that process interaction produces the best results possible. Our teams develops business process designs that enable our clients build and sustain competitive advantage in the markets which they play in and helps improve operations to seize opportunities presented in a rapidly evolving global economy. Part of our value proposition is the offer of business restructuring advisory services aimed at profit and performance acceleration.

Project Management Consulting

We see the nexus between successful businesses and internal capacity to effectively deliver on strategic projects. Our collection of certified and experienced project management professionals, with diversified industry experience form a strategic think-tank to assist our clients develops the internal capacity for project management. We offer advisory services in critical areas of project management including project planning, risk assessment and management, monitoring and control, integrated change control and project quality management.

We also offer our services for independent review of projects and post project implementation audits to help present an objective opinion of lessons learnt from projects and document them as reference resource for development of our clients’ internal project management capacities. We also conduct project management competence trainings to help key functional managers in matrix organizations develop project skills that improve organizational performance and aid the achievement of strategic business goals.

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